Strommen Simmentals is a family run operation at Arthur, North Dakota, within 30 minutes of Fargo. We started in the purebred Simmental business in 1991.

In 1992, we purchased a female from the Emmons Ranch in Montana that put us on the map. She was the famous ER Miss Herc 91X that produced over 90 calves for us and many sale toppers. She was the dam of ER 9A, along with the granddam of Queen of Denial. She also produced BTS Brandi that won the NAILE show in 1999 and BTS Red Rose that won the national junior show in 1998. Many of her bull calves also topped our bull sales, with the leader of the pack being BTS Night Ranger, a full brother of 9A, selling to Forster’s in Nebraska.  Although 91X has now left us, her influence is still very much alive in our cow herd.

Our bull battery is led by ER K33B, who is a solid red, non-diluted bull that is a total outcross to any bulls being used today. He has Hercules on both sides of his pedigree and is homozygous polled to top it off. He is a calving ease bull that adds those extra pounds at weaning time. We strive for calving ease and disposition at our ranch and he has played the part for us.

At Strommen Simmentals, our cattle are bred for conception to consumption.  We use an extensive A.I. and embryo transfer program to produce the genetics that cattlemen demand.