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Ellingson Simmental Bull / Female Sale

January 22, 2021 at the Ellingson Ranch in Dahlen, North Dakota



Bulls vaccinated with Bov-Gold One Shot, Ultrabac7/Somubac, Respiratory Autogenous Vaccine, poured with Dectomax and Clean-up. Our ranch is participating in the ND voluntary Johne’s Disease Program and is status negative level A.


Bulls. . .



ASA# 3786578  ADG: 4.57 LBS   WDA: 3.36 LBS
Hector is a moderate framed bull with a solid set of EPD’s. His pedigree is neat being out of Proclamation and a Cowboy Cut dam. Good performance with power you want in your next herd bull. He was also at the top end for ADG. Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.



ASA# 3786606   ADG: 3.43 LBS   WDA: 3.62 LBS
Each year I try to pick out what I think is our go to bull is and Howie is the guy in our black offering.  He is one of the most complete bulls in the group and when you look at his skeletal package and EPD’s you will see why. He will definitely add pounds to your calf crop, and you will admire him for his thickness, depth of body and overall capacity. Tested Heterozygous Black and Homozygous Polled. 25% of the sale proceeds of Howie will be donated to the NDSU Animal Science Education Foundation to support NDSU judging team scholarships and coaching positions.




ASA# 3786599   ADG: 3.91 LBS   WDA: 3.35 LBS
Hugo is our largest framed bull in the sale and will be sure to add pounds to your calf crop. The thing that keeps me looking at this calf is his thickness, mass and the way he handles himself on the move. He is a performance bull with the growth numbers to back it up. Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.



ASA# 3786607   ADG: 3.55 LBS   WDA: 3.59 LBS
Harrison is the lead off bull in our red offering and out of the calving ease CDI Perspective. He will be a bull that will leave a mark on his calf crop. Great skeletal design from the side profile, along with a big top and rib shape. Need to look at his complete set of EPD’s as well. Tested Homozygous Polled and Non-Diluter. 



ASA# 3786580   ADG: 4.16 LBS   WDA: 3.46 LBS
Hamlin is a deep sided red calf with a world of performance. Width, muscle and masculinity come to mind when you examine him. This bull has a solid set of EPD’s and growth numbers to put some pounds into his calf crop. He will add some heterosis being a ¾ blood going back to a half blood cow that we purchased from Ahlberg Cattle in Nebraska. Tested Homozygous Polled and Non-Diluter.



ASA# 3786584   ADG: 4.63 LBS   WDA: 3.57 LBS
Harper is quickly sorting himself off to be one of the strongest bulls in our offering. He keeps getting better every day and when you see him in person we think you will agree. This Proclamation calf has all the right pieces and his curve bending EPD’s add more strength. He is also our #1 bull for ADG and then note his 78-pound birth weight. Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.  



ASA# 3786612   ADG: 4.04 LBS   WDA: 3.56 LBS
Unique calf here being out of the deceased Red Jewel and Quantum Leap. Hugo is a moderate framed bull with a sleek front end that blends into a huge midsection. You will appreciate his top and thickness as well. Note his 80-pound birth weight. Tested Heterozygous Black and Homozygous Polled. 



ASA# 3786588   ADG: 3.61 LBS   WDA: 3.48 LBS
Hadly is one of our larger framed bulls that has a tremendous amount of meat in his top and down through his quarter.  You will appreciate his overall phenotype and his well rounded EPD’s.  Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.



ASA# 3786614   ADG: 3.25 LBS   WDA: 3.31 LBS
Hardy is out of the deceased Red Jewel and Secret Weapon.  You will like his depth of rib, internal capacity and freedom of movement. He has been one of my favorites all summer long and sure has not disappointed us with his progress since weaning. Tested Heterozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.



ASA# 3786589   ADG: 3.86 LBS   WDA: 3.31 LBS
Hayden is one of our younger bulls in our offering and out of Proclamation. He has eye appeal, performance and sound structure all wrapped up in one package and EPD’s to back it up. Tested Heterozygous Black and Homozygous Polled.



ASA# 3786598   ADG: 3.68 LBS   WDA: 3.45 LBS
Hank is our black baldy bull in the offering. His EPD’s are solid from calving ease to growth and he will not disappoint you when you see him in person. You will appreciate the depth through his fore rib and how he carries that width very uniformly from front to rear. He is our youngest black calf in the offering, but you would never guess it when you see him. Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous polled.